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Castello di Annone
feed with meat, innovate the world


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millions of kwh gained from sun every year

Since 1913 Gavazza is a company that butchers meat with a strong ethic. Their mission is to feed with meat, to bring traditions to life, and to innovate the world. We wanted to represent their company in the new factory, the communication and the identity at 360°. The wellbeing of animals and people is the main focus of the company, while being sustainable and innovative. Our challenge was to make people understand what they want to tell.


Canelli always relate over limits




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Arol S.p.A. design, produce and globally deliver capping and closure systems and inspection solutions. They provide worldwide leading brands in several business areas, like food, beverage, personal care and others. We asked ourselves what could be the meaning of a machines that close packagings, and we proposed a shift of philosophy, and an improvement of the mission in Always Relate Over Limits. This change is represented by the new reception and the organization of all the offices in Canelli. All of our choices were guided by the strong connection to people, the attachment to the place, the growing roots and the development of the group.