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Villaret Immobilier was founded in 1996 by François-régis Moussion and Vincent Moussion, two brothers interested in the world of contemporary art. They founded an estate agency for demanding customers, artists, personalities in the world of art and culture, living in the Marais area. We created for them the image of the agencies and the brand identity, mixing pieces of art with chocolate walls and minimalistic details. The space is deeply connected with them, their passions, and their work.


San Marzano Oliveto
a story about wine


litres of wine




year of the foundation

This is first of all a family story. In 1968 Dario Bersano and his wife decided to open an activity to share flavors and scents of the vineyards of their lands. They started to make wine with exellent quality, celebrating their region. This establishment is the concrete vision of their values, a camouflage project in which all the colors of the buildings are part of the nature surroundind. The sky, the ground and the leaves. Making it hidden in the landscape.


Saint Petersburg
a palace that raise emotions through arts







Newsky 1 is the project developed to participate in the invitation contest for the design of the building at n. 1 of the Newsky Prospekt in Saint Petersburg. Every floor is dedicated to one art, where people can meet and connect. We imagined the seven arts, plus alchemy, that is linked to taste and food. The big placenta in the middle is the generator of all the arts. Arts have the power to grow seeds of culture and knowledge in everyone, and make us rise as flowers, open to the future.


a living showroom that celebrates Le Corbusier


anniversary of
Le Corbusier




types of interaction

With such a great collection you would almost stand outside and look at the pieces waiting for them to speak. For this reason we have developed a performance in which Le Corbusier furniture interacts with people in proportion to the interest that people show in the objects of the collection. People animate the objects and the objects animate the scene. The more people interact with the collection, the more the scene livens up. It represents time that passes but leaves the essence of the objects of the collection unchanged.


Grand Palais
lights leading to colour


art paris





This project is mainly a light installation, in the majestic background of Grand Palais in Paris. The idea is to make pieces of art stand out with their colors, by making people in black and white, lightening them with a special ultraviolet light. The real protagonist is art, and lighs are just guiding the color of art and exhibitions.


with the best food


capital gains against world hunger


country involved


year of the idea

This project is a restoration of a XVIII century Victorian theater, in the heart of Marais in Paris. The place will become a food centre with the best food from all over the world. You will discover the provenance, the quality, the identity and the value of the food. In the market they can buy things, and you can also eat them in the different restaurants available. In addiction, a part of all the gains will be donated to countries in difficulty, to fight the world hunger. In the? this way with a small action it’s possible to feed the world.


a true connection between
content, users and creators


content at the time




unexpected connections

Due to modern rythms “stop our thoughts and reflect” is getting more and more difficult in our digital and analogic lives. TRAIN wants to go back exploring this dimension, giving awarness and attention to the relationship between our personal sensitivity and contents. T R A I N is a platform for creative and collective works, where people discover inspiring contents based on their mood, publish projects willing to grow, and contribute with the community in a network of ideas. You can explore one content in depth, enjoying the links and connections of other “contributors” and create a new connection at any time. TRAIN is new environment for creatives in which collaboration, random inspiration and personal predisposition have a central role.