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Saint Petersburg
the prestige of Saint Petersburg







This project for Domina Prestige in Saint Petersburg is an ode to joy to this majestic russian city, that emanates an irresistible energy and power. Many signs of history and literature are captured and transfigured in all the small details of this place. The colors, the materials and every single piece of furniture are a reminder of Rembrant, Napoleon, Michelangelo, Dostoevsky, the General Kutuzov and more. Everyone is involved emotionally and is working in the right direction, from the guests to the bellboy, and also the jury of the FIABCI 2012 award, who gave us the prize for best hotel built in Russia, and LTG, who named us stylish luxury hotel of 2018 in Russia.


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century building


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Strong colors, suites named exotically after Turkish princesses, made to measure furnishings and modern luxury. This is the essence of the project for Domina hotel in Venice. Instead of riproducing the old taste of this building from 1300, we restored it bringing the emotions this place has always provoked. Those emotions cannot be separated from its architecture, an ancient building of the Zusto’s family. For this reason we involved every aspect of perception, creating an atmosphere of richness and exchanges. A domestic yet cosmopolitan setting.


the sea within




year of the building



In Portofino, the “little village that envelopes like the arc of the moon” we created another project for Domina. This hotel is not trying to make people talk about itself, but accentuate the beautiful landscape around. Inside it holds the air of the sea, of the horizon and of the sensations. Color is an instrument to interpret a state of mind, in this case all the rooms almost cancel themselves, giving life to the view. We used white, blue and a bit of red of Portofino just in few details. The hotel wants to give guests the opportunity to absorb the experience and the sensations of such an intense village.


Santa Flavia
dolce vita in hotel







A journey inside the sixties, the world of cinema, cars, music and fashion. This Domina hotel in Sicily is a project that witnesses about the decade of dolce vita, a period of well-being and beautiful women. Every choice is the result of a meticulous research of materials, objects and colors, in order to give to guests the perfect image of Italian culture in those years. Every floor is dedicated to a different theme, and big photos are exposed like an art gallery. This hotel wants to celebrate made in Italy as a resource of growth and pleasure.


Selva di Val Gardena
a family house open to friends




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The Kasslatter family is the real identity of this hotel. In fact this is not exactly an hotel, but more like their house, open to friends and guests. The atmosphere is very cozy, with strong familiar elements like a wide table, used as check-in desk, or a place to receive people. A big library is here, for everyone needing a good book to read. All the materials and the furniture are linked to south-tyrol traditions, and to the origins of the family. The wood is treated in a natural way, and all the decorations are simple and authentic.


Saint Petersburg
the tales of the sea in an hotel






leagues under the sea

The project of this boutique hotel was made for the clients of Pella Shipyard, a leading company in Russian tug building market. Each room is inspired by a book about the sea: the Odyssey, The old man and the sea, Moby Dick, The tale of the fisherman and the fish, The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, The man and the sea, Robinson Crusoe, Twenty thousand leagues under the sea, Toilers of the sea, A general history of the pyrates, Captains courageous, and Treasure island. We made a meticolous research about all these stories, to create rooms that are portals to a universe made of waves, pyrates and ships.