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33 is our main studio, located in via dei prati 33 in a small and suggestive village, Canelli, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The original structure from the sixties was preserved, and mixed with iron doors. This is our factory, where we create and develop our ideas. 33 is based on a strong ethic made of sustainability, or simply research of happiness. “The places I like are like this: wide open to experiences and to people, that can spread feelings, leave sensations on your skin, in your mouth, in your nose and in your eyes”


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Tirelli Srl is part of the Arol Group as cosmetic packaging equipments specialist. They develop the complete packaging lines, with made to measure solutions for all their customers. In their building and offices we wanted to be witnesses of their values: precision, cleanliness, efficiency and quality over all. As a big company their aim is to provide the best solutions on the market, being identified as the leaders in cosmetic packaging.