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Krasnodar International Airport
the transformation of a city


domestic and international destinaions


million passenger in 2015


passenger per hour

It rises up close to the coasts of the Black Sea and from Sochi, the city of 2014 Winter Olympics. This city is mainly dedicated to agriculture, especially sunflowers and tomatoes made this territory the first world ketchup producer. It was experiencing a demographic explosion, involving the airport enlargement, that changed the essence of this russian town. For this enormous intervention we decided to focus on the origins of the city, and bring nature on the inside, with the use of colors and materials. This allows the rural landscape to be a part of the structure.


a sunflower rises in Krasnodar




meters high


people living in the building

The Heliantus (which means sunflower) is a residential tower, on the left of the Kuban river. It represents the rural territory of the town, thanks to the green color, to the many greenhouses and pensile gardens. A zero impact building where energy is produced and obtained by the river water and the sun.


the story of a city in three buildings






meters high

The Kuban towers project, a commercial and financial center, represents the identity and the history of the city. In fact every tower stands for the three weapons of the Cossack population, the shashka saber, the kindjal dagger and the nagaika whip. Greenhouses and gardens placed in every level will bring greenery in the center of the town, and the anti-seismic structure is studied in-depth. The Kuban towers will host commercial spaces, a walk, an interaction center, offices, high-quality apartments and a 5 stars hotel with 250 rooms.


a scryscraper made of rings






leagues under the sea

We propose a new type of building, a temporal one that could be transported from one city to another. It is a 300 meter-high structure of steel and glass with “flying rings” at every level. the rings are 64 meters in diameter made like a light steel structure covered with a plastic membrane filled with gas, like hot-air balloons. It is a structure completely dedicated to recreational activities with plazas and cafes to meet people, gardens and parks to relax and sports complex with swimming pools, beaches, tennis courts, etc.